His Friend, Her Enemy.

Text message conversation between Mason and Alison (Ally).

Mason: Ally?

Mason: Ally! Come on! Are you there?

Mason: It’s not what you think!

Ally: No! I saw you!

Ally: With her!

Ally: You said you were going to be at your mother’s. Fixing her pipes! I believed you! I am such a fool! 

Ally: How could you?

Mason: No Al.

Mason: I was just meeting Cas regarding work! 

Ally: Why her?! Arghhh!

Mason: Al. She is not a bad person.

Ally: Omg! I cannot believe you just defended her!

Ally: And I didn’t even say anything mean.

Mason: I am sorry. That was the wrong time to say that.

Mason: I wasn’t defending her, babe.

Ally: Don’t ‘babe’ me!

Ally: You were holding her hand!

Mason: I was just comforting her.

Mason: She is in a bad place right now.

Ally: You always said she would just be your HR Manager and nothing more.

Ally: And now you are close enough to hold her and comfort her!

Ally: Were ever at your mother’s today?

Mason: No. I wasn’t at my mother’s.

Ally: I don’t want to talk to you, Mason.

Mason: Al, don’t be like that…

Ally: I am allowed to be mad, sad, depressed!

Mason: Okay, okay.

Mason: I get that.

Mason: Can we talk tonight?

Mason: Give me a chance to explain.

Ally: I don’t know.

Text message conversation between Casey (Cas) and Alison (Ally).

Unknown: Ally?

Unknown: I heard you are not talking to Mason. Ally, I can assure you, we just met for lunch is all.

Ally: Cas?

Ally: The nerve you have!

Ally: If you are going to lie to me, get your story straight, the both of you!

Ally: Mason says he met you regarding work, and you say it was just lunch!

Casey: Ally. You are reading too much into this.

Casey: There is nothing more than just friendship between Mason and me.

Casey: Mason is really upset!

Ally: Well, aren’t you there to take care of him!

Ally: You know what, Cas?

Ally: I underestimated you.

Ally: After how you played my brother. Broke his heart.

Ally: I should have been more vigilant about your presence in Mason’s life!

Casey: Ally! Don’t bring Aaron into this!

Casey: What happened with Aaron was a long time ago.

Ally: You are a home wrecker! That is what you are!

Ally: I will never be able to trust Mason, knowing how close he is to you.

Ally: I don’t want to talk to either of you!

Ally: Just leave me alone!

Later that evening.

Text conversation between Mason and Alison (Ally).

Mason: Ally?

Mason: Can we talk now?

Mason: Al, please…

Ally: Mason.

Ally: I can’t.

Ally: I just can’t get over what you did.

Mason: Okay, Al, can you just look out your window?

Mason: Please.

Mason: That’s all I am asking.

Ally: OMG! Mason! 

Ally: What are you doing?

Mason: Baby, I am sorry about all that happened.

Mason: I am sorry you had to go through all that.

Mason: I didn’t mean for it to be like this.

Mason: But I love you.

Mason: And I just want to know if…

Mason: You

Mason: Will

Mason: Marry

Mason: Me?

Ally: Oh God!

Ally: But today…

Mason: Casey helped me pick out the ring.

Mason: We just had lunch together before heading back to work.

Mason: She really is in a bad place right now. Her mother is sick.

Mason: What you saw was really me just comforting her.

Mason: You really think I would cheat on you? After all these years together?

Ally: Oh God!

Ally: I was wrong all along!

Ally: All those horrible things I told her…

Mason: Ally?

Mason: You haven’t given me an answer yet, babe.

Ally: YES!

Ally: Of course, yes!

Ally: I love you!

Ally: I love you so very much!

Ally: And I am sorry…

Mason: Are you going to let me in now?

Mason: So I can officiate this engagement.

Ally: Haha. Absolutely. Come on in.

Ally: I have to text Cas.

Ally: I owe her one hell of an apology.

Mason: You can do just that, once I put this ring in your finger and seal this deal with a kiss. I love you, Alison Moira James.

Ally: And I love you, Mason Walker.


This story is inspired by the app Hooked, in which I first published it as my own. The story is in the form of text message exchange between the characters. Minor changes have been made. Hope you enjoy! If you do visit https://bnc.lt/JIGd/XFPWImEFPD and read more of my work on Hooked. 

All rights reserved © inkonpaperstories


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