In a world of black and white, 

Bleak grey everywhere, 

You are my color. 

You are my red and green, 

My blue and yellow. 

You are every shade in between. 

You color my life.

Since the day you came,

Into my life,

Everyday is a different color.

Everyday is new. 

Each day is as colorful as a rainbow. 

I hold you close,

Nestled in my chest.

You love the warmth I radiate

 And snuggle close

To keep warm. 

I see the deep black,

Of your wondering eyes.

I see the dark brown

Of your silky hair.

I see the creamy yellow,

Of your soft skin.

I see the light pink

Of your smiling lips.

I see the deep red,

Of your flushed earlobes.

I see the pale white

Of your little soles.

I see you.

And you color my life.


I dream these days,

And my dreams are colored

Like a beautiful kaleidoscope.

In these dreams,

I see us.

We paint a new life

All rights reserved © inkonpaperstories


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