Love Between Two Worlds

She woke up to the alarm at six in the morning. She immediately pushed herself out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She scrubbed herself under the warmth of the water. Once she was done with her bath, she wrapped a towel around herself and walked out back into her bedroom.

He was jerked awake by strong arms and was screamed at to get out of bed. He flung his legs off the bed and glared at his brothers for waking him. He only got a laugh directed back at him as he saw his brothers leave their shared bedroom. He checked the clock on the table next to his bed. It read seven o’ clock. He sighed and pushed himself off the bed. He grabbed the towel that was hanging on the back of a chair and headed for the shower.

After going through her closet she picked a trendy dark blue long skirt to wear. She chose a white shirt which she tucked into her skirt. She paired it with a denim jacket and flat sandals. She used her eyeliner to outline her eyes with steady hands. She dabbed a little gloss over her pink lips. She ran a comb through the length of her dark brown hair. She looked at herself in the mirror. Satisfied with how she looked she grabbed her bag and went down to the dining room.

His shower was quick. He tied the towel around his waist and came out of the shower. He opened his already messy cupboard and rummaged through it for a pair of jeans and tee shirt. Amidst his two brothers clothes he had a hard time finding his own. Finally he got his hands on an old pair of jeans and a green tee shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror. He drew his hands through his already wet and unkempt hair to only further mess it up. He wore his socks and shoes. He grabbed his wallet and walked out of the room to eat breakfast.

She gave her father a kiss on the cheek to wish him a good morning. She did the same to her mother before taking her seat at the table. There wasn’t much small talk during breakfast. As always breakfast was orderly and made by the maids. She ate up her eggs Benedict and stood to say good bye. She picked up her violin case on her way out. Her father asked her to take a cab and her mother insisted on it. She told them she would. The doorman to her apartment opened the doors for her and she headed to class.

His household was loud. His neighbors were loud. His neighborhood was loud. He went into the kitchen to get himself some bread and the scrambled eggs his mother had prepared. He stood near the table while he ate as the chairs were already occupied by his dad and two brothers. He finished his food and gave a peck on his mothers cheek, yelled goodbye and let himself out.

She had lied. She never intended to take a cab. She never intended to go to her violin class. The excitement brought a smile to her face. She was going to take the subway. It was a first for her but she was ready to do it anyway. She walked the roads enjoying the beauty of the day. All around her she saw people almost like her. Neatly clad and carrying a sophisticated air. She silently wished to be different.

He walked through the crowded streets. Waving and smiling at familiar faces. The streets were busy and like everywhere else it was loud. This was downtown. For him this was home. He neared the subway, but instead of taking the stairs down he leaned against a wall and waited. He waited for her.

She saw him leaning against a wall as she neared the subway. Her smile widened. She saw his smile deepen when he spotted her. That was all she needed. She couldn’t contain herself and started to run towards him. She flung herself onto him for a hug showing him how much she had missed him.

He hugged her tight. He lived for her despite their differences. He loosened his grip and set her down on her feet. He took her hand in one of his and with the other he took her violin case from her. He led her down the stairs to the subway.

Together they waited. She felt free and she wasn’t shy anymore. She leaned closer and rested her head on his shoulder. He took in her scent and her warmth. When the train arrived he guided her onto it. The people packed compartment scared her but one look at his face and she knew she was safe. He found her a seat and asked her to sit. But she was scared to be away from him. This place was new to her. He understood. He took the seat instead and placed her violin case next to his feet and he pulled her to sit on his lap. She happily obliged. Wrapping her hands around his neck she held him tight feeling safe. He smiled, happy to be with her. He held her close.

He would go anywhere for. She would go with him, anywhere he wanted her to. Their journey embarked.

They are a couple in love. They are in love with each other for who they are. They are in love irrespective of their differences. They are from two worlds – two very different worlds – yet they are in love. He knows she would never feel lessened for being with a guy like him. She knows he is more a gentleman than any other man she is familiar with. Where they come from, where their families came from did not matter. What mattered was them and now. They are truly in love.
All rights reserved © inkonpaperstories


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