His Friend, Her Enemy.

Will Mason be able to convince Alison that his love is true? Or is Alison going to jeopardize her relationship because of Casey? Read to find out!


A poem about a mother’s new found love.

The Football Team

There was a boy in a football team. Being there was always his dream. He ran kicking ball, Aiming for the goal, To get a win for his team. All rights reserved © inkonpaperstories

This is Depression.

An insight into the mind of a person affected by depression. The author of this piece has written it with simplicity so the mind of a depressed family or friend can be understood. This is merely a means of creating awareness.

The Cuckoo

A poem that personally touches the author, about the relationship between her Grandmother and herself.

Love Between Two Worlds

A beautiful short story about the love between two young adults coming from very different backgrounds.

Fallen Into Him

The beginning of a love story in the most unexpected of places.